Hi there and welcome!

My name is Mike and I’m the editor of Fridge To Table. 

I’m not a pro chef by any means, but years of tinkering inside the kitchen have taught me a thing or two about preparing delicious, healthy food. It doesn’t hurt that I also like to experiment with everything from food preparation to all the latest and greatest kitchen appliances.

But I still remember how difficult it was starting out. It seemed like I needed to have a Ph.D. in order to cook even the simplest of meals. And there just wasn’t any good, single resource that had the answers to all my questions.

That’s why I created Fridge To Table. I wanted to make cooking easy and painless for everyone.

So whether you’re interested in how to properly store food, figuring out side dishes for your main course, or even learning how to use a knife properly – we got you covered.

So dive in and Bon Appetit!