Review Guidelines

Your time and health are valuable, and we understand the weight of responsibility when recommending kitchen appliances or cooking aids.

Here’s a breakdown of the review process we follow to make sure you get trustworthy, time-saving, and health-promoting recommendations.

What We Do

Here are all the things we do when we review products.

✅ Investigate Product Specifications and Usability

We delve deep into product specs to ensure they meet the needs of busy professionals who want to eat healthily but lack time. We test for ease of use, durability, and compatibility with a fast-paced lifestyle.

Any product we review must be compatible with the lifestyle of a busy professional.

✅ Analyze Customer Reviews

We scan customer reviews to get a comprehensive understanding of real-world performance and reliability. If a product has overwhelming negative reviews, we won’t recommend it.

We want to dive deep and analyze products with tons of satisfied customers. We tend to stay away from untested products because we value your time and money and don’t want to risk them on unproven appliances.

✅ Consider Health Impacts

We look at how each product or service might impact your health, focusing on aspects like material safety for kitchen gear, nutritional value for food services, etc.

✅ Examine Pricing and Value

Our reviews always offer options that cater to different budgets, from affordable choices to premium picks.

We aim to give you the best value for your money.

✅ Check Delivery and Return Policies

We assess how easy it is to get the product in your hands by looking at delivery times, shipping costs, and return policies.

Better terms mean higher rankings on our pages.

✅ Take Your Feedback Seriously

We continuously revise our articles based on your input.

There’s a feedback widget at the end of each article where you can tell us what you think. We are constantly monitoring user feedback and incorporating it into our reviews.

What We Don’t Do

And here’s the list of all the things we would never do.

❌ Accept Unvetted Sponsorships

While some content might be sponsored, it’s clearly labeled, and we only partner with brands we wholeheartedly trust. Our priority is you, the reader. We would never promote untrustworthy brands just to get a quick affiliate commission.

❌ Post Without Due Diligence

We put in the work to make sure every recommendation we give has been scrutinized according to the criteria above.

If it’s on Fridge To Table, you can trust it’s been vetted thoroughly. We have a step-by-step framework we use when it comes to reviewing any product, and no review goes up on our site unless it has gone through that framework.

❌ Ignore Reader Feedback

We don’t just pay lip service to reader feedback; we actively incorporate it into our reviews and articles, improving them for your benefit.