Does Apple Cider Vinegar Go Bad? Can It Go Bad?

apple cider vinegar with some apples

A single spoon of apple cider vinegar can bring your salad game to a whole nother level. But the only bottle you have is a few years old. Can you use it? Does apple cider vinegar go bad? The answer is not as simple as you may think.  But don’t worry. In this article, we’ll … Read more

Do Oranges Go Bad? How Long Do They Last?

oranges on a wooden table

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Do Raisins Go Bad? How To Tell If They Have Gone Bad

raisins in a wooden spoon

Found an old bag of raisins in your pantry. They look good, but the date on the packaging says they’re expired. How’s that possible?  Do raisins go bad? Eventually, they do. But your bag of raisins might still be good anyways.  Don’t worry, this article will answer all of your questions about raisins, from shelf … Read more

Does Mozzarella Cheese Go Bad? How To Make It Last Longer

mozzarella cheese in a wooden bowl

As a result of miscalculation, you’ve bought way more mozzarella than you need for pizza night. What to do with the rest?  Does mozzarella cheese go bad? Ultimately, any dairy product has to go bad. But when that will happen depends on many factors, including the type of mozzarella and storage options.  In this article, … Read more

Does Sauerkraut Go Bad? When Does It Expire?

sauerkraut in a wooden spoon

So you went ham and got a year’s worth of sauerkraut jars. After all, it’s picked cabbage, what can go wrong? Well, are you sure you’ve asked yourself a simple question – does sauerkraut go bad? Because the answer is not as simple as you might think.  But don’t worry. In this article, we’ll go over … Read more

Does Vinegar Go Bad? When Does It Expire?

apple vinegar

That old bottle of vinegar is starting to look a little bit different. As for the smell, it’s just as bad as ever. What does it mean? Does vinegar go bad? The answer might not be as obvious as you think. Vinegar is a rather unique culinary condiment because it’s almost everlasting.  What do I mean … Read more

Does Pepperoni Go Bad? How Long Does It Last?


Nothing beats homemade pizza. But what to do with all the leftover pepperoni?  Does pepperoni go bad? The answer isn’t as straightforward as you may think.  Let’s just say that the answer depends on the say it’s stored.  Intrigued to find out more?  Then keep reading. How Long Does Pepperoni Last? Like any type of … Read more

Does Vodka Go Bad? Can It Expire?

vodka in glasses on a table

We’ve all heard the expression “ages like fine wine.” But why does it have to be wine?  Why not vodka, for example? Does vodka go bad? This article has all the answers.  Today, we’ll talk about how long does vodka last, as well as how the way you store it affects that. Let’s get straight … Read more

Do Sweet Potatoes Go Bad? How To Make Them Last Longer

sweet potatoes on a table

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Do Pecans Go Bad? Do They Expire?

pecans on a table

A 5-pound bag of unshelled pecans?  Sounds like a real deal. But do pecans go bad? Can you go through the entire bag in time? If these questions are popping in your head, then you’ve come to the right place.  In this article, we’ll talk about everything pecan-related, from shelf life to proper storage. Let’s … Read more