12 Fruit Recipes You’ll Fall In Love With

Written by: Mike Marshall
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Fresh fruit is the perfect summer snack. 

But there are many other ways you can eat them than in fruit salads. 

Whether you’re looking for cake, pie, dip, or even savory dish recipes, this list has got you covered. 

Let’s get started!

Lemon Bars

When life gives you lemons, make lemon bars! With just five ingredients and 15 minutes of prep time, this recipe couldn’t be any simpler! They’re tangy and not too sweet, with a perfectly crunchy crust. Get the recipe here.

Lime Pie

This zesty cream pie is the perfect refreshing end to any meal. And it’s quite shocking how such a rich flavored pie is easy to make. You need three ingredients for the cream filling and only two for the crust. Here’s a step-by-step explanation.

Joy’s Easy Banana Bread

The best thing about this super soft banana bread is that you don’t need a mixer. You can make it practically any time you have banana leftovers, by adding a few other ingredients you have in your kitchen. Here’s how to do it.

Fresh Cherry Cobbler

Nothing says sweet comfort in a bowl like a fresh cherry cobbler. This simple dessert is ideal for hot summer nights and pool parties. It takes a bit longer to make, but the final result is well worth it. Get the recipe here.

Blueberry Skillet Dump Cake

The best thing about summer is the fact that berries are in season. So make the most out of them with this simple yet delicious recipe. Aside from blueberries, you’ll need a bit of flour, sugar, butter, and milk, most of which you already have in stock at home. Here’s how to make this cake.

Moist Orange Loaf Cake

You may call it bread, loaf, or cake, but this recipe is so tasty and suitable for practically any occasion. It doesn’t even require a mixer to get that moist and tender texture, just a bit of stirring until you mix the ingredients well. Follow these instructions to make this cake.

Grilled Cheese with Smashed Berries

Dessert or lunch? This recipe can be anything you want. In fact, once you try it, you’ll want to eat it for every meal of the day. The recipe can’t get any simpler – it requires a few ingredients and a few minutes of your time. Get it here.

Fig and Beef Kabobs

The sweet and fresh taste of figs makes them suitable for all kinds of dishes, including savory. If you want to impress your barbecue party guests, you should definitely make these simple and delicious kabobs. The best part? You just need figs, beef, and red onions. Here’s how to make them.

Apple Pie

Apple pie is a classic dessert that everyone loves. This centuries-old deep dish recipe changed very little over time, which speaks volumes of its perfection. The recipe explains how to make both the crust and filling with just a few things you have in your kitchen. Get it here.

Cranberry Cream Cheese Dip

Cheese dips are the highlight of any holiday party. But once you try out this recipe, you’ll want to make it for practically any occasion. And no one can blame you – it’s that delicious. It’s also easy and quick to make. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make it.

Strawberry Cake

No oil, no butter, no dairy… but a whole pound of strawberries! This soft cake smells like heaven and anyone can make it. You’re five-ingredient and one hour away from the most delicious strawberry dessert you’ll ever try. Get the recipe here.

Pineapple Muffins

This might not be the first type of muffin recipe that comes to mind, but it’s definitely the one that will blow your mind. Soft and musty with a hint of tropical flavor, this dessert will make you wish it’s summer already. Here’s the recipe. 

Summing It Up

All of these fruit recipes are easy to make and require just a few pantry-friendly ingredients. 

What’s more, they all take less than an hour of cooking time. 

So pick the recipe with your favorite fruit and satisfy that sweet tooth of yours. 

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